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Concrete Pavers

We use high quality concrete pavers from local manufacturers to build driveways, walkways, patios, steps and more. We also offer permeable pavers as an ecological option.


Lafayette Paver Driveway

Permeable Pavers

Stinson Beach Permeable Paver Project


Bolinas McNear Paver and Block Patio


Novato Calstone Paver Walkway

Concrete pavers are built to last! 

  • They are up to four times stronger than regular concrete.
  • They do not crack like asphalt and poured-in-place concrete can.
  • Pavers come in a variety of attractive colors and finishes. 
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • They have a lifetime manufacturers warranty.


Pro Tip

  • Tired of weeding? By using sealers or polymeric sand, weeds do not have the opportunity to establish themselves. Pavers are easy to clean and maintain. If ever they become damaged, simply exchange individual pieces. 
SF Permeable Pavers